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Can Go Smart Cane Review: A $400 Cane with Built-In Phone, GPS, and Fall Detection”

Introducing Can Go

a revolutionary $400 smart cane equipped with built-in cellular connectivity, GPS, and activity tracking. This sleek gold-and-black aluminum cane resembles a traditional cane but offers a plethora of high-tech features discreetly integrated into its handle.

Designed to provide emergency calling at your fingertips, Can Go features a call button, flashlight switch, and a small screen displaying caller ID and activity metrics like step count and active minutes. With built-in speakers, a microphone, and wireless connectivity via AT&T partnership, this cane ensures seamless communication in emergencies.

CEO Ahmad AlGhazi emphasizes the importance of catering to older consumers, highlighting the underserved population segment. Can Go allows users to add unlimited caregivers through an online portal, enabling access to activity reports and assigning an emergency contact for quick assistance.

Equipped with GPS mapping and fall detection in beta, Can Go ensures swift assistance in emergencies while also helping users locate their cane if misplaced. The simple interface aims to maintain independence for aging individuals, with a lightweight design weighing just over a pound.

While priced at $400, comparable to an Apple Watch with fall detection, Can Go offers a more tailored solution for older adults who may find smartwatches overwhelming. Additionally, it provides an alternative to medical alert bracelets and necklaces, offering enhanced functionality at a competitive price point.

Can Go is available for purchase on the company’s website and Best Buy, accompanied by a $20-per-month subscription (waived for the first 12 months) for comprehensive access to its features.

Invest in Can Go for peace of mind and independence as you age, with advanced technology discreetly integrated into a familiar and functional cane design.


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