“Thandatti: A 2023 Indian Tamil-Language Drama Film”


“Discover ‘Thandatti,’ a compelling 2023 Indian Tamil-language drama film written and directed by Ram Sangaiah in his directorial debut. Starring Pasupathy, Rohini, Vivek Prasanna, and Ammu Abhirami, the film revolves around the mysterious disappearance of an old woman’s ‘Thandatti’ during her funeral procession. Produced by Prince Pictures, with music composed by K. S. Sundaramoorthy and Sam C. S. handling the background score, the film received positive reviews from critics upon its theatrical release on 23 June 2023, achieving moderate success at the box office.”


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  • Pasupathy as Constable Veera Subramani
  • Rohini as Thangaponnu “Thangam”
  • Vivek Prasanna as Show Pandi, Thangaponnu’s alcoholic son
  • Ammu Abhirami as young Thangaponnu
  • Poovitha as Chinnatha, Thangaponnu’s daughter
  • Mandela Mukesh as Selvarasu, Thangaponnu’s grandson
  • Deepa Shankar as Ponnatha, Thangaponnu’s daughter
  • Janaki as Poovatha, Thangaponnu’s daughter
  • Semmalar Annam as Virumayi, Thangaponnu’s daughter
  • Sugunthan as Muthuraasu, Virumayi’s husband
  • Cheran Raj as Thirunavukaarasu
  • Vetrivel Raja



In the opening scene, Constable Subramani is depicted as a decisive but controversial figure, shooting a criminal during a police operation, which earns him criticism from his superiors.

The narrative then shifts to the arrival of Selvarasu, a distressed young man seeking help at the police station regarding his grandmother Thangaponnu’s disappearance from the village of Kidaripatti. Despite hesitations from other officers due to past negative experiences with the villagers, Subramani volunteers to handle the case. As Selvarasu and Subramani search for Thangaponnu, Selvarasu reflects on fond memories of his grandmother and her struggles against her own family members who seek to usurp her belongings, particularly her prized possession, the ‘thandatti’ – a solid gold earpiece with emotional significance.

Amidst the search, Thangaponnu is found in a weakened state and admitted to a hospital, where she later passes away. Subramani accompanies Selvarasu to their village to ensure a peaceful funeral procession. However, tensions arise when Thangaponnu’s daughters and alcoholic son focus on acquiring the thandatti rather than mourning their mother’s death. The situation escalates when the thandatti goes missing, leading to chaos and blame within the village.

A ray of hope emerges when an officer from a life insurance company reveals that Thangaponnu’s policy has matured, providing a substantial sum of money to her children. However, Subramani is disheartened by their materialistic priorities. Amidst the turmoil, a casteist man threatens to disrupt Thangaponnu’s funeral procession due to her past actions supporting inter-caste love. Subramani intervenes, earning respect from the villagers.

After the funeral, it is revealed that Subramani had the thandatti all along. In a poignant moment, it is unveiled that Subramani is Thangaponnu’s long-lost love, Veera, presumed dead. They reminisce about their past and Thangaponnu’s clandestine acts of helping couples elope. Subramani fulfills Thangaponnu’s final wish by cremating her with the thandatti, symbolizing their enduring bond.


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